Why I'm Running

I'm running to become your next at-large trustee because every student in Austin ISD deserves a quality educational experience. While it is true that Austin ISD's budget proposes many tough challenges, it is also true that we must begin to re-invest our resources to to ensure that we are serving the unique individual needs of all our 80,000+ students.

Like many of you, I am tired of seeing the same things happen every cycle. Every four years, we have a new person enter our city, lead our district and make empty promises. 

I believe in the mission of Austin ISD and I have been right there with you, testifying to a trustee board who too often turns a blind eye to the needs of our children.


My desire to serve on the Austin ISD Board of Trustees comes from late nights spent advocating for equitable quality education for all students, many days dedicated towards educating the youth, and years spent advocating and organizing with parents across the district. It seems like no matter how hard we fight, we are ignored. This is why I decided to run - to disrupt the system from within and to ensure that all of our children are receiving equitable, quality education.

My platform is based on the principles that I believe are essential for public education:

1) Transparency and Inclusion of all Stakeholders

2) Innovation 

3) Equity and Diversity

4) Authentic Family Engagement

5) Attention to the Whole Child 

I am asking for a chance and I am asking for your vote. I welcome virtual coffees to learn more about what's important to you.