TOP ISSUES and priorities

This is our accountability checklist! After November 3rd, I want you and every voter in our community to be able to hold me as your at-large trustee accountable for all of these things. These are the values that I will hold with me at every AISD Board Trustee Meeting.
Closing and Eliminating Disproportionate Student Achievement, Discipline and Opportunity Outcomes

☐  Advocating for and working with the superintendent to form either an Academic Opportunity and Achievement Gap Task Force or an Office of Academic Opportunity and Achievement Gaps staffed with highly qualified and experienced staff members. We must close these academic achievement/performance gaps. Our children are the future in this world and we want nothing less than for each of them to be productive members of our society in the future.

☐  Ensuring that every parent and student in Austin ISD regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, zip-code, immigration status, sexuality, disability, education status, political affiliation, nationality, or even socioeconomic status have the ability and the opportunity to choose the school and programs that works best for them.

☐  Removing the institutionalized and systemic barriers that exist in our educational system for every student, staff member, family member, and community member at-large. It's long overdue.

Leading with a Restorative Justice, Safety & Equity Mindset and Approach

☐  Continuing to advocate for and push for a third-party equity audit. Our district has so much untapped potential and opportunities to achieve but if we don't have an in-depth non biased look at the reality of our district, then we unfortunately will continue to be stagnant. We can't stand still anymore!

☐  We need some strong and firm accountability in our district! Once elected I will be sure to hold the superintendent accountable for implementing and executing all equity driven policies.

☐  Office of Equity: With the assistance of my colleagues on the board, I will boldly request that the Office of Equity receives both a very high level of authority and an increase in resources. Our district is so far behind in the area of equity that it is higly necessary. Lastly, I will be working with my colleagues on the board and the superintendent to explore the reality of having an Equity Office that will be able to receive and investigate both annonymous and non-anonymous compliments and complaints regarding equity within the district. 

Communication, Transparency and Inclusion for Every Individual

  The following items are non-negotiable: consistent at-large trustee presence, communication, availability, trust, transparency, and representation for all! Parents, your child's education is a very high priority to me. Staff, your dedicated service as an employee to our district is most important to me, without you we are nothing. Lastly, community members, your tax dollars being well spent is also a very important priority to me. I will be available for you!

  A highly increased level of student involvement in all children-centered decisions.  After all, students are the ones that will ultimately be affected by all decisions that we make. As an educator, I personally know the value of our student's voices and opinions. Why not include them? We must!

  Ensuring that all district-wide and campus level committees are welcoming, inclusive and diverse for all students, parents, staff members, and community members. Representation matters! Adding and making room for marginalized populations is a must!

  Increasing parent, guardian, caretaker and family involvement in every aspect of the school district. No one should feel left out of the conversation. In order to truly reach our goals as a district it's going to take the whole village.

Increasing and Retaining Student Enrollment

☐  Once elected to the Austin ISD school board at-large position, I will be equally responsible for 130 AISD campuses, including their enrollment. For years our district has struggled with student enrollment all across the district, it's the donut effect. We have some campuses that are over-enrolled, yet, in the other parts of the district, some campuses are under-enrolled. Once elected, I will be actively working with our district staff to prioritize the assessment and implementation of new and different academic programs across the district. Balancing under-enrolled campuses and relieving overenrolled campuses as an end objective.

☐  Another issue that we are facing is funding. As a district, we need to begin to utilize our budget in a more refined, balanced manner. It's the old saying: “It's going to take a little bit of money to make some money;” we must provide the much needed resources and funding to the Austin ISD Communications Department, as well as any other departments that can help to create a very aggressive and firm marketing campaign for our district: We need to get our AISD students back, period. We need them and they need us!

Firmly Prioritizing Student, Parent and Staff Support for Special Education
Improved Bilingual and Dual Language Programs
Did you not see an issue or a priority that is important to you? Tell me more about the issues and priorities that matter to you most.
As your next Austin ISD At-Large Trustee, with your trust, it is very important to me that I hear all of the collective concerns and priorities here in Austin ISD. No concern is too small, I'm all ears and I'm ready to address these issues head on.

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